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Me? Lady Geek of the Week?

Oh, why yes indeed, missy, you’ve been found out!

I can’t say how tickled I was to discover (thank you Google Alerts!)  that I’d been designated “Lady Geek of the Week” by Being Geek Chic. In their charming post about my talk on fashion and copyright, they did a great job summarizing the spirit of the talk:

Key takeaway points here for the average lady geek: Imitation is a true form of flattery, sure, but what should inspire us more is that by sharing the collective knowledge of the creative giants and encouraging the spirit of reinvention, we can push our products, food, tattoos, comedy, websites, video, writing to improve the whole. Furthermore, it pushes us harder to create without boundaries and seek ways to truly make our idea stand out as it’s own – completely unique.

I was late to discover my inner-geek: it wasn’t until I was in graduate school when I was forced to be a teaching assistant for a huge science fiction class. I actually protested to the department, begging them to find me another post. But the second I wrapped my hot little hands around Neuromancer, I knew that I’d found my thrill. Science fiction — cyberpunk fiction, in particular — helped me more fully imagine the intensely mediated new world that I knew was around the corner. After that course, which was in 1991 (gasp!), I became obsessed with digital technology, eventually building Web sites and teaching a course about how to use the Web as a research tool (that was in 1995).

Anyway, cheers to the geeks! And a special toast to the lady geeks: there’s too few of us.



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