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Thank you dotSUB!

Incredible! Thanks to the folks on dotSUB my talk on fashion and copyright has been translated into 12 languages including Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, French, Hebrew, Hungarian, Portuguese and Spanish. We’ve been waiting a long time for really good translation software to come along, but good samaritans are filling the void.

I don’t think we can underestimate the importance of “cultural translators,” people who donate their time in order to make a vast array of online content comprehensible to new audiences around the word. These people are bridge-builders. It’s a shame that Americans lack incentives to learn foreign languages (we can get by with English in most professions and in most places in the world), but thank heaven for those intrepid multilingual fans and enthusiasts. We’re all indebted to you.


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  Michael Smolens wrote @

Thanks so much for the kind words about the work we are doing with TED. I agree with you 1000%, and would like to speak to you to figure out how we can make more people/companies aware of the role language plays in business and politics and everything.

Let’s set up a time to speak.

Michael L. Smolens
Founder & CEO
dotSUB LLC – Any Video Any Language
T: (917) 742-0158 / F: (646) 403-9944
Skype: MLSmolens/ Twitter: @MLSmolens
360 E 72nd St. #C3104 NY NY 10021

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