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Yul Brynner: Best. Cyborg. Ever.

Wow. I’m not sure how this happened, but for some reason I never saw (or even heard of) Michael Chrichten’s campy robots-run-amok movie, Westworld. Lots of interesting material for those of us interested in the singularity (it turns out the robots were programmed by computers, not humans), but also some of the best damn casting I’ve ever seen. It takes a certain kind of talent to make people believe that you’re a robot . . . and not simply robotic (a certain Schwarzenegger comes to mind). Magic happens when the robot reads like a cyborg, as I believe “it” does when Summer Glau tilts her freaky head in The Sarah Connor Chronicles, or in every single one of Yul Brynner’s scenes in Westworld. Brynner is spot on (and terrifying) as a robot gunslinger who’s no longer prepared to die at the hands of childish vacationers who paid big bucks to play cowboys and Indians. When Brynner’s eyes start glowing, I can’t tell where the special effects and the human part ways. It’s a creepy little glimpse (from 1973!) of the uncanny valleys we’ll be crossing as our robots become more and more life-like.


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