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The Atlantic Devotes a Piece to My TEDWomen Talk

On stage at TEDWomen

I gave a talk at TEDWomen last week called “Social Media & the End of Gender.” Before the event, I was having a really hard time giving people the cocktail party version of my argument — there were just too many steps between “social media” and the “end of gender” to fit in a 30-second summary. I began to worry that the talk wouldn’t work: that I needed more than the paltry nine minutes allotted me on the TED stage to lay out what I thought was a rather groundbreaking connect-the-dots idea.

Thankfully, I was wrong. That audience — mostly composed of women who are hyperactive in the social media sphere (so much so that the event was plagued by bandwidth issues) — understood exactly what I was talking about. Social media will help wipe out banal assumptions about gender? And transform our media environment? Of course! You bet. We all knew that!

Thankfully, The Atlantic’s Nicholas Jackson got it too. He mentions in his piece that my talk “was greeted with less skepticism than it seems she was anticipating.” (Got that right.) He proceeds to do an excellent job of providing all the examples that I didn’t have time to lay out and to flesh out portions of my argument that ended up on the cutting room floor.

So the video’s not up yet, but I encourage you to read his piece and let me know what you think!


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