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My TEDWomen Talk is on!

On stage at TEDWomen

I gave a talk in December 2010 on Social Media & the End of Gender at the first ever TEDWomen conference in Washington, DC. It was an unforgettable event, and I was pretty terrified to find out that I was scheduled to speak right after Madeleine Albright.

I had incredible conversations with people after the talk: I was really worried that people would be very skeptical about my thesis (how on earth would social media bring about the end of gender?) But the hyper-connected audience at TEDWomen didn’t bat an eyelash. “Of course!” they said. Let’s see if you agree . . .



  Jim Melfi wrote @

Johanna: I enjoyed your TEDTalk tonight, Social media and the end of gender. Your talk reminded me of a reoccuring them that keeps popping up as I view many video talks and lectures sites: Men right now represent the mojority of talks presenters. Mix that with your point that women are the biggest users of social media and one must stop and pause and think. In any event, TED and similar sites created my passion to launch — a robust site that links to more than 50 different TED-like sites. I believe many of your readers will find my site be a joy in discovery. Thanks for telling us about your TED Talk. Jim Melfi.

  Ryan Stark wrote @

Great talk. I showed it to one of my classes at Corban. It nicely complements a Virginia Postrel piece I taught. I think that many religious groups have a strong sense of what you are saying. The Body of Christ, for example, is not a demographics thing. Never has been. Never should be.

PS: Ah, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

  Evita Saldanha wrote @

Loved your talk! Digital lifestyle targeting is the way to go. I’m really intrigued by the stats in your presentation. Is there any way I can get access to the full report?

  johannablakley wrote @

Yes! The stats about women dominating social media are from a June 30, 2010, report issued by comScore. You can download the white paper for free here:

Thanks a lot for your comment!

  Blessing Oji wrote @

I watched and listened intently to your talk. Truly social media and related technologies have a great influence on lifestyles,thinking patterns and a whole lot and really it cuts across all demographies. In my country (Nigeria) there has been a huge and ongoing transition with women as well getting involved. would love to see more of your works.
thanks wrote @

Johanna, my name is Kat and I’m 24 from NYC. I just watched your demonstration on TED, and all I have to say is BRAVO! I guess in a way to sum it up, my friend Lauren and I have always said “Dude, we could totally write the female version of the ‘Hangover’ and make it funnier,” and I always wondered why 4 women couldn’t be in the hangover to begin with (death of the chick flick!) I know lots about stereotypes, I’m a female hispanic/asian that’s left handed and who is not very feminine-at all! I have never felt truly portrayed in the media! I think social media in conjunction with “taste” communities will definitely play a role in the way we are portrayed in melting away stereotypes. Blogging + the www + social media will help us build not only a consumer relationship with the way we interact but a psychological insight that will zone in on WHY the media gives us any thing instead of WHAT the media gives us because, let’s face it, today’s person is already trained to know “you can’t believe everything you see on tv- but you can watch Youtube!.” If we can treat advertisement/media the way a person tries on a new shirt in a fitting room, the actual experience of trying on a shirt, (because people always want to fit with something) then we can break ground and make progress in the way we interact and hit our “demographics.” I like to say we live in a backwards world for my generation, media always spoon fed us what they thought we liked, now in the upside down world, the media is dependent on what we feed them through our interactions. Passion and the experience passion brings is what makes social media brilliant, and not the other way around. I have much to learn so I’m really just on a kick from what I watched, but it was AWESOME! THANK YOU for a wonderful discussion! Please do more talks!

  Geschlechtertrennung adé! | Blog wrote @

[…] Blakley ist mit einem Vortrag bei TEDWomen zu sehen, der das Monitoring der bisher üblichen […]

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