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A Sweet Little Short About Creativity & Collaboration

Me and my colleagues at the Norman Lear Center worked with cartoonist Lloyd Dangle to create this sweet little short film about creativity and collaboration in the ivory tower. Part of an ongoing project at the University of Southern California, this film sums up some of the obstacles that scholars and scholarly institutions face in an era of swift technological change.

Everybody says they want to use new technology to save the world, but contemporary scholarly practice is based on some very old ideas about the importance of original, individual authorship and the strict commitment to narrow disciplinary practices . . . . things that don’t mesh so well with the mind-boggling global knowledge networks that are emerging in both the private and public sectors right now. The Lear Center plans to play a key role in USC’s effort to encourage more interdisciplinary collaboration among scholars: we’ll be posting lots of resources on the topic over the next few months and you can follow our Twitter feed as well: USCCreativity.