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Storytelling, Communication Technology & Augmented Reality: Interviews at Fractal’11

[Fractal’11] What’s Up Interviews / Entrevistas en What’s Up from Universo Fractal on Vimeo.

I was interviewed by a youth-skewing local TV show called What’s Up? during my stay in the magical city of Medellín, Colombia. This video includes my interview about the impact of communication technology and storytelling, as well as commentary from James Alliban, an augmented reality app developer. Enjoy!


Sheryl Sandberg & Social Media Matchmaking

Perhaps my favorite talk at TEDWomen was the one by Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook. I was prepared to give a talk on social media and when I found out she was in the line-up, and basically providing a keynote for the conference, I was worried that my presentation would feel like stale news by the time I hit the stage during the last session of the last day.

I was relieved when it became clear that Sandberg wasn’t going to talk social media at all: instead, she took the harder road – explaining to a group of successful, driven women why women were still underachieving in global politics and business. The video of her talk has caught on like wildfire and now the venerable New Yorker has published a thoughtful profile of her by Ken Auletta that provides some great food for thought about Sandberg and the future of social media. Read the rest of this entry »

One More Reason Fashion Doesn’t Need Copyright


At the recent House Judiciary hearing about granting copyright protection to fashion designs, we heard proponents of the bill claiming that innovation is being quashed because cheap knock-offs are legal. [For background, take a look at my recent blog or my TED talk on the topic.]

Happily, a front-page New York Times article yesterday provided more evidence that the “culture of copying” which drives the fashion industry and its lucrative trend cycles is not having a negative impact on high-end designers. The entire luxury sector is experiencing a boom, with Tiffany, LVMH, and PPR (owner of Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, among others) revenues up 13%-23% while lower-end retailers, who are often accused of purveying knock-offs, are still suffering in this painful recession. Read the rest of this entry »