Johanna Blakley

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CyberFrequencies meets the future and it is Ray Kurzweil: Tanya Jo Miller interviews me and Jaron Lanier for CyberFrequencies on KPCC Radio, September 25 2010

What the Experts Think About Wyclef Jean’s Bid: Emily Troutman interviews me for AOLNews, August 20, 2010

Blakley on Fashion and Intellectual Property: Russ Roberts interviews me about fashion and intellectual property (and Second Life!) on EconTalk, a radio interview series in the Library of Economics and Liberty, June 7, 2010

iSummit: Meet the Speakers: Diane Cabel interviews me about the Norman Lear Center and our “Ready to Share: Fashion & the Ownership of Creativy” project, June 5, 2008

Zogby/Lear Center Poll on Entertainment and Politics:  Barbara Osborn and Howard Blume interview me and Fritz Wenzel on Deadline L.A., KPFK Radio, November 24, 2007

Zogby/Lear Center Poll on Entertainment and Politics: Fritz Wenzel interviews Johanna Blakley on Zogby’s Real America, XM Satellite Radio, POTUS 08, November 19, 2007

National Survey On Politics And Entertainment: Larry Mantle interviews me on KPCC Airtalk, November 14, 2007

Grand Avenue Intervention: Jessica Ritz interviews me on LAist, October 31, 2005

Celebreality Inteview: A two-part interview about “What is Celebrity?” and “Representations and Reality,” February 25, 2000

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